Notice of Tower Scramble & GvG Tournament
    Thank you for playing Avabel Classic.
    About the Tower Scramble
    ■ Dates
    12/12/2021 (Sun) JST:20:00 - 20:30
    *Following this, it will be held every Sunday at the same time.

    ■ Rules
    ・Once it is time, you can enter from "Tower Scramble Elle" in Revere.
    ・You must be a member of a guild and have formed an ally in order to participate.
    ・The last ally to destroy the core at the top of the tower will become the owner of the tower, and the ally that owns the tower at the end of the scramble can remain owner until the next scramble.
    *You will not be able to enter after a certain amount of time has passed.
    ・You must be a member of the corresponding guild before you can own a guild tower.
    About the GvG Tournament
    ■ Entry Reception & Preliminaries
    12/13/2021 (Mon) 00:00 - 12/16/2021 (Thurs) 23:50 GMT+9
    *Following this, they will be held ever 2 weeks.

    ■ Preliminaries
    Guild Battle Power will be counted at the time of entry and every day at 23:50, and ranking will be calculated on the highest number at the time of counting. The top 32 ranking guilds during this period will be able to participate in the main scramble.
    *Even if you have not logged in by 23:50, the total will be calculated.
    *The Battle Power of players who have not logged in for 7 days will not be coutned.
    *If your Total Battle Power is the same as that of another guild at the time of the final calculation, then the guild with the earlier entry time will rank ahead in the Total Battle Power Ranking.

    ■ Main Scramble
    ・Tournament style
    ・Up to 15 people can enter
    Main Scramble Date Time(JST)
    ■ Friday
    Round 1 20:00 ~ 20:15
    Round 2 20:20 ~ 20:35
    Round 3 20:40 ~ 20:55
    ■ Saturday
    Semi-Finals 20:00 ~ 20:20
    Final 20:30 ~ 20:50

    ■ Ranking Rewards
    Ranking Rewards Content
    1st Place GvG Coin × 5
    2nd Place GvG Coin × 4
    3rd Place GvG Coin × 3
    4th - 16th Place GvG Coin × 2
    17th~32nd Place GvG Coin × 1
    *In order to receive rewards, you need to be a member of the guild in question and talk to the Tournament Manager Rio during the event period to display the tournament schedule, etc.

    ■ Rules for Ties for 3rd Place and Below
    ・Rankings will be determined based on the following points, from top to bottom.
    1. BP calculated from the number of kills and deaths
    2. The sub-score of the final match
    3. Total Battle Power during the entry and the preliminaries
    4. Earliest entry
    We hope you will continue to enjoy Avabel Classic.
    AVABEL CLASSIC Operation Team

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