• BUG

    Regarding the issue with the Avatar points
    Thank you for playing Avabel Classic.

    We will like to inform you about the current issue and the status of resolving the issue. Current issue

    ・The Avatar points of the Tiger Avatar is higher than expected
    *Please note that the sale of the Tiger Avatar Pack will be stopped temporarily while we are resolving this issue
    Plans on how we deal with the issue moving forward■Measures
     The following measures will be taken to avoid any disadvantage or point difference for players who exchanged before and after the issue is fixed

    ・We will check your previous Avatar exchange history and compensate players for the difference in Avatar points
    *We will announce the details at a later date as it will take some time to investigate
    ・Exchange Avatar points for other Avatars sold in the store will be adjusted upward

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we ask that you please wait until the issue is fixed.。

    Avabel Classic Team


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