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    10/4:Notice for Shop Updates
    Thank you for playing "AVABEL CLASSIC."
    The following details have been updated in Shop today

      ・ [1stAnniversary] ★ 2 Select Weapon Festival
         ∟1st anniversary special price!' ★ 2 materials and high rank ★ 2 Weapons only picked up

      ・ [1stAnniversary] ★ 2 Select Armor Festival
         1st anniversary special price!' ★ 2 Material/ring and high rank ★ 2 Pick up only armor

      ・[1stAnniversary]Gangue Jackpot
         ∟Pick up only Gangue Fragment!

      ・[1stAnniversary]Awake Crystal Fragment Festival
         ∟Pick up only Awake Crystal Fragment!

      ・ [1stAnniversary] 5x free spinning gachas every day
         ∟'You can purchase this pack without using Magic Gems!

     Growth ORB gacha
         ∟Pick up only Growth ORB!

     ・[1~18F]Monster ORB gacha
         ∟Pick up only monster ORBs from 1F to 18F of Main Tower!

     ・[19~36F]Monster ORB gacha
         ∟Pick up only monster ORBs from 19F to 36F of Main Tower!

     Weapon gacha
         ∟Pick up only weapons and materials! Add ★3 weapons to the Big jackpot
     ・Armor gacha
         ∟Pick up only armor, rings and materials! Add ★3 armor to the Big jackpot

    *You can check from the rates for big win from in-game.
    *Please check for more details and warning

    AVABEL CLASSIC Operation Team

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